For Employers

“Before software can be reusable it first has to be usable.”


If you got into this page, we presume you're from a company who's in need of skilled ICT professionals - what do you need? Python, Ruby on Rails, Java, Database Administration - you choose.

The world has changed and nowadays the most effective way to attract an ICT professional to your company is to be creative. The million dollar question is:

  • How to differentiate your organization from millions of others and engage the scarce ICT Talent? 


1. Mentorship Programmes

Our Academy promotes mentorship programmes with top companies in the engineering field enabling undergraduates to access the labour market in the most effective way. Are you interested in:

  • Onboarding a talent while concluding his/her degree?
  • Integrating and molding a Talent to your organization needs and culture?
  • Staying ahead of competition and recruit the best available talent?

If you answered affirmatively to these questions get in touch ( and let us know how many people you would be needing, when and to where. After your contact, we'll provide you with our pricing module and timeframe to onboard the Talent your project requires.

Simple, isn't it? You need it, we build it. How great is this?


2. Neutral Vendor Recruitment Service    

Vendor neutral means that a product (hardware or software), technology or specification is not proprietary to a specific vendor, but is available from multiple vendors.

CB Talents Academy manage the recruitment needs from our clients' vendors. The benefits are:

  • Reduced time-to-fill cycle times;
  • Optimization of supplier base;
  • Transparency and cost control;
  • Bill rate standardization / management;
  • Consolidated invoicing;
  • Improved security and asset management;
  • Availability of vendor performance metrics;
  • 10-20% reduction in contingent labor spend

If you are interested in such benefits get in touch ( and request a meeting with one of our neutral vendor´s speacialists.


3. Cross Border Recruitment Service

Your organization need Talent with proven record experience who is available to follow your projects across the globe? Its time to contact our colleagues at Cross Border Talents and request a meeting to discuss the job profiles you need to recruit. 

Please contact or check the website in order to chose a key account manager from your geography.