About us

About us

“People think that computer science is the art of geniuses but the actual reality is the opposite, just many people doing things that build on each other, like a wall of mini stones.”


The world of work has changed: people study all sorts of things in order to eventually find a job. The thing is, there aren't many jobs around - at least, where you're looking for them.

The unique selling point of our Academy is that each training programme is designed in order to match Cross Border Talents clients' needs. This means that as soon as you start the course, we will pair you with one of our clients and you'll be offered a work contract wherever you think it suits you best - that's your safety net.

The ICT world is assisting to its "baby-boom", which means that many job opportunities are emerging in this quite complex and volatile labour market. Every company in the world needs software engineers, web developers and so on: and they're looking for hundreds of them at once, not only 5 or 6.

Unnemployment rates are off the charts; people are struggling to find and even to keep their jobs. All over the European Union, there are millions of unemployed people - can you believe that by 2020, if we were to requalify every unemployed person, there would be more job offers on the ICT sector than individuals looking for a job?


CB Talents Academy is part of a network of companies under the CBT trademark. Cross Border Talents is a specialist recruitment consultancy with a global network of recruitment partners across Europe, Americas, Africa and Australasia. CBT provide recruitment solutions for the Engineering, ICT, Medical and Helpdesk sectors.

By facilitating talents mobility worldwide and keeping the recruitment process short and simple, CBT save costs to its business partners (companies, talents and recruitment partners), helping their talents to boost their careers and help their clients to boost their productivity.


We have partnered with a wide number of technological partners willing to provide trainings on how to operate on many software programming tools. Therefore, we seek candidates who wish to shift their careers towards the ICT labour market; skilled invidividuals that need to be upgraded and, finally, we also seek people who are very, very skilled and would like a job on the sector.

How does this work? It's pretty simple. You take a training programme and after an assessment, you will be placed at one of our clients (companies that send us their job offers), where you will be finishing your trainings.