CB Talents Academy @ 15ª Jornadas de Engenharia Electrónica e de Computadores

2015-03-16 00:00:00

Those application sheets kept flying! 


CB Talents Academy just launched a new product: Mentorship Programmes! This consists of a Programme where undergraduates start working for a company they love and start to gain valuable inputs and experience which will help them to fulfill their potential as Engineers and ICT workers. The mentorees are paid, according to their availability - how cool is that?


This Programme has a beginning, but maybe won't have an end: this is because you're expected to stay and work for the company after finishing your degree. It doesn't matter if you're only free to work on Fridays or Mondays - you can still do it!


Why is this the greatest way to start your own path in your working sector? Mostly because besides starting to work before finishing University, you'll be assigned a Mentor. This Mentor of yours will guide you and teach you the ways of the Force - if you asked to be working at the Death Star - but anyway, you get the idea: he'll help you out with your bosses, your co-workers and stuff. 


Give it a shot & contact us!

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