How does this work? It's pretty simple.
You take a training programme and after an assessment, you will be placed at one of our clients (companies that send us their job offers), where you will be finishing your trainings.

I - Check your ICT Level

For Juniors

Our training programmes can upgrade any kind of professional. If you have no experience in the ICT sector, fear not: in just a few weeks, you'll be an intermediate coder.

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For beginners

Guess you have an ICT related background: great! The training programmes available will be shorter and you'll be able to be employed much faster - keep practicing though, you still need to earn your job!

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For intermediates

So you're an expert already - wonderful. We have so many job offers that you will definitely fit in at least one of them! Are you available to relocate? In what type of company would you like to work from now on? Give us your details!

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For Professionals

Think you're an expert? Good to know! Would you like to cash in today by applying to our latest global job vacancies?

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